Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Milly's- Manchester


500 Commercial St.
Manchester NH
United States
Phone: (603) 625-4444
Size: Holds a few hundred people
Food: Yes
Stage: Yes
Sound System: Yes(must use in house sound guy)
Cover Charge: Can be between 5-10 bucks set by the booker of the show.
Web Page: http://www.millystavern.com/
Myspace page: none

How to Book a Show:
To book this location contact contact Peter by email - petertelge@millystavern.com

Make sure you include a link to a web site that has your mp3's. You must be able to draw at least 100 people. Their website has very detailed information regarding payment, load in, Parking ETC. Go here for the millys complete booking info
Lots of people thinks that Milly's is a terrible place for bands to play. They claim that the owner rips bands off and takes their money.

I have played at Milly's a number of times. I have always had a very pleasant time. The club gives you one dollar drinks, provides a decent sound guy, you have a stage AND you have the potential to make a lot of money.

You should NOT play at Milly's if you can not draw a decent sized crowd. If you are looking to show up at a place with a built in crowd, DON'T play Milly's. If your band, or with up to four bands on a bill, can draw 100-200 people, you can walk away wit a decent amount of cash at the end of the night.


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Anonymous said...

Milly's sucks ass!

Anonymous said...

I agree. I have played at Milly's a bunch and always like it.

Jim Tyrrell said...

I've played at Milly's before. It was a three-band thing, and we didn't really have the local presence to be economically successful. But the show went well enough, and the people there were easy to work with. It's a good room; you just have to bring something to it.

Anonymous said...

How come Milly's does not have a crowd after all these years?

The owner will book a band if you can bring at least 100 people? Gee, that's nice of him. You are probably better off renting a Hall. The Black Brimmer and Strange Brew have built in crowds. If you bring 100+ people to The Strange Brew they will end up waiting outside unless your band drives away their regular crowd.

Milly's does not care if your band has talent or not, does not care if the people you bring are nice or rude, does not care to offer a nice atmosphere with great food.

It's too bad the bands that play at Milly's do not have a nicer place to perform.

Maybe musicians can raise enough money to rent or buy a better place.

Anonymous said...

Well Millys, I find Millys to be a big waste of time to play at. Why pay to play , you are providing them a service a talent that you have. Millys shouldnt be paking you pay them a penny they should be paying you or let you take all of the cut at the door seeing they making a killing off food and beer that they brew !

Asking aband to draw 100 people ? well first off maybe if you were in a real city , thats a lot of people to ask to come to some random bar in Manchester.

So all you players out there remeber you should be getting payed to play if you are any good, you know that you're making a new for yourself when that happen !

Kepp Rockin' On

Anonymous said...

bringing 100 people with 5 bands playing is not hard at all.

John said...

re. bringing 100 people with 5 bands playing..

Assume a $5 door fee = $500

$500 / 5 bands = $100

$100 / 4 band members = $25 for a nights work.

Sign me up for this gig :)

John said...

oops, I missed the 150 house fee.

This is freeking funny.


100 people @ 5.00 ea = 500
500 - 150 house fee = 350
350 / 5 bands = 70
70 / 4 band members = 17.5 each musician for 1 nights work. This doesn't cover the cost of gas, strings, sticks, etc.
You are paying to play there

Anonymous said...

having played at Millys a number of times as an orig band the above is accurate, if each band brings 20 to 30 people you get nothin... we've moved on to playin covers and making 400 to 500 a night and are a barely known band, btw this is at places with a house sound system and sound guy who they also pay as well. so at least 100 per perrson for 3 45 minute sets... at least it pays for gass and puts a few bucks in your pocket. Which if you playing for fun anyhow is at least repspectable. Pete/Milly's needs to change somethin. We've now turned down numerous gigs and at Milly's and do not plan to play there again.

Anonymous said...

"Milly’s respectfully requests that you do not book another Manchester show within 14 days of your Milly’s performance."

What is this about? This guys is a complete and utter ass clown. I'd rather invite a bunch of people over to my garage then pay him $150 for the "privilege" of playing at his dump. Hello, musicians. If you have to give the venue money, something is wrong. That is like paying your boss so you can go to work. It's ass backwards!

Rahel said...

Face it folks. Milly's is a business that uses bands to earn its keep. If you are a band, you are earning money for the venue. However, that's all up front so you make an educated choice. There's nothing wrong with running a business. Bands ought to learn how!

Anonymous said...

mill's is a hole in the wall! not really that great of a location. and the whole purchase these tickets sale them yourself to recoupe your money is retarded! we are artist! let us entertain compemsate us for our time, yes we should audition for you. if we suck don't hire us. you're the business men/women! you promote and sale tickets! let us be what we are and you(milly's) be what you should be!

Anonymous said...

If you play cover tunes, Yeah you can make more money... But tell me this location that you make 400-500 a night? really where.

also, the 14 days with no Manchester shows... The same thing is with ALL clubs in Boston. So, it is not an uncommon thing with original music(middle east, TT the bear, Great scott, harpers Ferry...)

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

"also, the 14 days with no Manchester shows... The same thing is with ALL clubs in Boston. So, it is not an uncommon thing with original music(middle east, TT the bear, Great scott, harpers Ferry...)"

You are not seriously comparing this dive to well-known, established Boston clubs, are you? Let's see... The Middle East or Milly's... where would I want to play?

goodwifecole said...

Oh my god, I feel like I'm reading VH-1. I have never seen a worse group of whining little babies. Who cares if you aren't getting paid? At least you are playing. That is all you really want to do right? If you are in this for the money you are an idiot. Yeah there are better places to play' there are worse places also. I do NOT agree with the whole buy 50 tickets @ $10 a pop and selling them to get payed thing, but that is called motivation to put down the bowl and get off your couch. Locobazooka costs $5000 flat for a half hour set INCLUDING SET UP, SOUNDCHECK AND BREAK DOWN. Now THAT is paying to play. Milly's is too small to be pulling that crap anyway BUT Milly's is in fact a buisiness, whose purpose is to make money. The owner does not care if you suck, or if you are great, or if you are a spiny-backed-tree-lobster hopping on one leg playing an electric kazoo, he wants his money, bottom line. And you "artists" are nothing more than tools to get that purpose filled. Welcome to EVERY gig you will EVER play, PERIOD. If any of you were in a position to make $1000 dollars a night, you would be playing bigger venues in better places and not on every public forum talking crap about this one place. You want better shows, do it yourself like every self-respecting musician has for the last 80 years. Do your homework, even signed acts don't make shit at arena gigs, your money is in the merchandising. Play the gig for free then sell the $h!t out of some cd's that you recorded on your laptop and some t-shirts and stickers that you made in your living room. Money from the band ALL goes into the band. Please use your heads. You are NOT rockstars, stop expecting to be treated as such. The whole "I am an artist, please pay me" thing is crap. Anyone can crap on a board and call themself an artist. Grow up and take action. And if my wife lets me I'll try to make it.

Anonymous said...

Milly's is a waste of time -- period.
If you want to make it big then drive to Boston, NYC, etc. Aerosmith got out of Lake Sunapee and moved to Boston. Move to Boston, NYC, LA, if you are really trying to make it in the entertainment business.

If you are going to stick around NH, the go to Daddy's and buy a small PA and learn some covers. Bands that play at The Strange Brew for example, mix in originals and sell their CD's.

Club owners want to make money, but they all have to struggle at first. The Black Brimmer and The Strange Brew went through a tough start, but they stuck it out instead of trying to take short cuts like Milly's.

There are club owners that are in the business not only to make money, but because they enjoy what they do.

And mixing in covers allows a band to play at Parties, Weddings, and corporate functions once in a while. These gigs are great because they are NOT about people making money off the band. Doing some covers is providing a service, so you should get paid. If you want to do all originals there are better places to do that then NH.

I am not going to pretend to know what The Rolling Stones make at an arena gig, but I bet it is more that just what they make of off merchandise.

Anyway, set your bands goals and do whatever it takes to achieve them. Be confident, don't let yourself get taken advantage of. And make sure to enjoy the music.

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