Wednesday, October 22, 2008

SOAK: Review

Band: SOAK
Album: Turning Tomorrow

I am not a hippie. I shower. Most times I shower everyday. I don't dance in circles, I don't get high. I have even been known to brush my teeth. The question you must ask yourself is, are you a dirty hippie? The answer to this question will indicate if you will LOVE soak or like Soak. I am not a dirty hippie. I like Soak.

the rest of this review is in the voice of a dirty hippie.

I LOVE this band. The tone of the guitar reminds me of my favorite jam band.... but they don't seem to jam to long. I hear lots of 7th chords, awesome, cause it makes it sound like Jazz, and I am supose to like jazz.

Do the lyrics make sense? Hell no! I am high and I don't want them to make sense, it means that they are referring to a deeper plain of life then you could ever understand... either that or they are signing about nothing... who knows... who cares... I like it... HEY.. puff puff give man!!!!!

If you are not a hipppie, you will still enjoy this band, a lot, but you will not lift your ass off the bar to go dance.

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Tab The Band

Band: Tab The Band
Album: Long Weekend

What ever you do do NOT confuse these guys with the soda. It says so right there in the band name. It shows they mean bussiness. TAB... The BAND. Do NOT get in the back to future agument with these mo' fo's. Or maybe that is not what they meant. Maybe it is a comand, Like, Make guitar tabs of this band.... or run a tab for the band at the bar. Personally I think they like Tab the unpopular soda... it doesn't matter though. So, you are welcome. I just wasted minutes of your life reading an explanation of a band name, but, when all is said and done; who gives a crap. The music is important, not the words used in a title. remember that, as you read this... the music is king, not my words.

Swing it baby. You can hear the roots of rockabilly in the tunes. Not in the "Big Bad Voodoo Daddies" way. No, they are not your 1940's swing but with tats. Picture more ACDC covering a Brian Setzer tune, a post Stray Cats tune... but with less sucking sounds. Almost like The Strokes but with a working mic.

I suggest picking up the album Long Weekend; it comes out sometimes soon... Do you want to know when? Look at the their website. I found the album a wonderful thing to listen to while vacuuming my house. I danced around with the music blaring, the vacuum sucking and the dog chasing my feet. I loved every tune, not a single one sucked like my vacuum.

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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Review: The Sneaks

The Sneaks -
In an Instant EP

Don't you just love to skip? I do. I like to skip, I like the Brady Bunch, holding hands, unicorns, smiles, bubble gum, rough-mind-altering sex and pretty flowers. All of these things go great with listening to the albumIn An Instant by The Sneaks. All of them go with the music except one, unicorns; fucking stupid unicorns. I bet The Sneaks hate unicorns.

I like the way all the songs roll along. They constantly are pushing forward. Solo's are kept brief, harmonies kept clean, guitar tone kept simple, and the drums are hit correctly. Wait, what... did I just say drums are hit cor.. what do I mean. Is that like telling a band "You look like you are having fun"(I.E. you suck). NO not at all. The drummer does exactly what he should be doing. He is there, serving you the song on a golden platter of beats. ( what the hell am i talking about)

Weezer. I'll say it. They sound like Weezer; and thats a good thing. (I bet Weezer hates unicorns too.)

You can find out for yourself if they are any good live; go to their CD release show.

June, 26 2008 at Church
81 Kilmarnock St, Boston, Massachusetts
Cost : $7

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Red Blazer- Concord

Red Blazer
72 Manchester St.
Concord NH
(603) 224-4101

Size: Holds about 100
Stage: Yes(very small)
Decent built in crowd
Cover Charge: none
Web Page:

How to Book a Show:
To book this location You must stop by and drop off a CD with booking materials or send them by mail to Joe Thackeray.


Coming soon

Penuche's- Concord

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16 Bicentennial Sq
Concord, NH 03301
(603) 228-9833
Click here to view a map

Size:Holds about 150
Food:No food
Sound System:no
Crowd: Has a decent built in crowd
Cover Charge: Most Friday and Saturday nights they have a cover charge.
Web Page: None

How to Book a Show:
To book this location You must stop by and drop off a CD with booking materials.
Has a decent built in crowd. The place smells really bad. They only serve beer.
Please click here to leave a comment if you know more info

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Milly's- Manchester


500 Commercial St.
Manchester NH
United States
Phone: (603) 625-4444
Size: Holds a few hundred people
Food: Yes
Stage: Yes
Sound System: Yes(must use in house sound guy)
Cover Charge: Can be between 5-10 bucks set by the booker of the show.
Web Page:
Myspace page: none

How to Book a Show:
To book this location contact contact Peter by email -

Make sure you include a link to a web site that has your mp3's. You must be able to draw at least 100 people. Their website has very detailed information regarding payment, load in, Parking ETC. Go here for the millys complete booking info
Lots of people thinks that Milly's is a terrible place for bands to play. They claim that the owner rips bands off and takes their money.

I have played at Milly's a number of times. I have always had a very pleasant time. The club gives you one dollar drinks, provides a decent sound guy, you have a stage AND you have the potential to make a lot of money.

You should NOT play at Milly's if you can not draw a decent sized crowd. If you are looking to show up at a place with a built in crowd, DON'T play Milly's. If your band, or with up to four bands on a bill, can draw 100-200 people, you can walk away wit a decent amount of cash at the end of the night.


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