Tuesday, August 31, 2010

How To Get More Fans To Like Your Bands Facebook Page

How to get more fans on your bands Facebook page.

Facebook is the highest visited website in the United States. Capturing these people to become fans of your bands Facebook page is a great way to get your music to more people. There are a few very good tricks to getting more fans to like your bands Facebook page. Some are fairly simple and you may already be doing them. Other strategies are a little more time consuming. In the end, the key to getting more people to like your bands Facebook page is effort.

Suggest your Facebook page to your friends- The first step is simple but is key. You need to suggest your Facebook page to all your personal friends. Depending on how many friends your personal Facebook page has, you will get around only 100 people by doing this.

Set up a personal Facebookpage for your band- You will not want to crowd up your personal Facebook page with 1000 friends so set up a 2nd account. Use this account to add people (don't over add or Facebook will ban you). Use this account to suggest your bands Facebook page to more fans!

Link your twitter account to your facebook account- If you do not have twitter, sign up now. You can link your Facebook account to your twitter account. This will post all updates across platforms.

Join Facebook groups- there are a ton of Facebook groups. JOIN THEM. Search for Facebook groups for adding fans, join those groups.

Put a link to you Facebook page on your Website- Does your band have a website? maybe sure that your bands website has a link to your Facebook page asking people to become a fan of it.

Post status updates asking people to suggest your band- fans of your bands web page can be your greatest asset. Post ever few weeks asking your fans to suggest your bands Facebook page to their friends. A good idea is to say something like, "We have 1450 fans. Once 1500 fans like our Facebookwe will give a secret prize!!!" This Prize could be a newly recorded song, free tickets to a show, or a picture. Anything! Just be creative.

Print Cards- Print up little cards with your facebook page and hand it out at shows, to friends, and anyone who will take one. Leave a pile of them at the venue prior to playing the show.

Picture Tag-
Upload pictures of your shows to your page. Make sure you go in and tag all the people who attended the show. Also, add a little link in the descrition to your site. The picture will show up in the persons pictures and their friends will see "so and so at this bands show." This may encourange them to check you out.

There are a million other things you can do but these simple steps will help your Facebookpage get more fans!

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